Panasonic 55FZ802 OLED 4K TV Preview

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The FZ802 is still all about the details

by Steve Withers Jan 10, 2018 at 1:28 AM

  • SRP: £2,299.00
    Panasonic's 2018 OLED TV range is intended to build on the positives of the 2017 models and like other TVs using this screen technology, the differences for this year might be seen to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Nonetheless, Panasonic hasn't been resting on its laurels and the entry level FZ802 model still brings some useful improvements to the table.

    Perhaps the most significant of these is the inclusion of HDR10+. Panasonic is at pains to stress the open source, royalty-free nature of the format but the flipside to this is that Dolby Vision remains off the cards. Standard HDR10 material is also supported however. Panasonic has also tweaked the performance to better support the HDR requirements of gamers and combined this with their ‘quickest ever’ response times.

    Panasonic’s major area of differentiation from the competition remains the picture processing and the FZ802 builds on the already strong offering from last year. The latest version of the company’s HCX processing engine has been fitted and this offers a very high degree of control over colours on screen combined with a notional ability to display over one billion distinct colours, amounting to almost one hundred percent of the DCI-P3 colour space.

    This has been partnered with a new Dynamic Look Up Table system that should further enhance colour accuracy. This includes the ability to determine colours at much darker shades than was previously the case and this has been combined with improved fine adjustment at the lower end of the RGB and gamma scales. As well as being adjustable via ISF, this can also be done via Portrait Display’s CalMAN software with AutoCal functionality.

    As part of the company’s ‘Art & Interior’ ethos, the FZ802 is constructed from premium materials and features a floating stand construction.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £2,299.00

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