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by AVForums Mar 4, 2007 at 12:00 AM

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    Open Season Blu-ray Review
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    Ok, you get the feeling I dislike the movie, well get ready for a complete 180 degree turn here. The picture for the movie is absolutely gorgeous. It is without a doubt, the best looking title on HD I've seen. I have to temper that though, considering that as a computer generated flick, the “print” is going to be kept in the digital arena and therefore should look gorgeous. However, compared to Monster House and The Polar Express, it is much better than those two movies. Detail is amazing, you can see every hair on Boog, every blade of grass, every spine on the porcupine and it's all razor sharp. Even the depth of field is impressive, with excellent detail in the background. Colours pop off the screen, vivid in their appearance but never gaudy. Grain is non existent, due to the digital arena and the film makes not actually adding any ala Monster House. Overall, a completely excellent transfer and rates highly as a demo title.

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    Where the picture was amazing, the sound is pretty lukewarm. In 5.1 surround, the LFE and surrounds hardly get a workout at all, with a predominately front heavy presentation. In fact the only LFE I noticed was when the dam broke. Having said that, dialogue is clear throughout and sounds good in Dolby Digital, but more natural in the uncompressed PCM track. Music sounds good too, but again, it's hardly a huge workout or indeed demo worth material. Shame.

    Open Season Sound


    With a plethora of extras, it's a shame that the vast majority of them (ok, all but 1) are in 480p and are just the same as the DVD version, although we should be thankful that there are extras, compared to some of Sony's other offerings. The vast majority of the extras here are of the EPK variety - fluffy pieces and everyone thinking the movie is great. However, it's worth checking out the teaser trailer for “Surf's Up”, a tale of surfboarding penguins, but also because it gives the LFE more workout than the main movie, due to a Red Hot Chili Peppers audio track!

    Open Season Extras


    Dull, unfunny and lifeless movie with the only saving grace being an absolutely wonderful transfer. Although the movie is dreadful, the disc is perfect for demonstrating that new 1080p screen or projector you've just bought, so while the score here reflects the movie primarily, if you want to show your display off, look no further.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.16

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