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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    One Missed Call DVD Review
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    The visual presentation of One Missed Call isn't exceptional but it's eminently watchable. Black levels are satisfactory with decent shadow detail, adding a good sense of depth and contrast. There are plenty of scenes set at night in dimly lit areas, often with green or blue lighting and the picture doesn't get murky, but there is a constant level of grain. Edge-enhancement is kept to a bare minimum and there's not too much in the way of MPEG artefacts. There are no real faults with this picture, it just isn't anything special.
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    The soundtrack is presented in both 5.1 Dolby Surround and 5.1 DTS and is pretty good on both counts. The DTS mix was a little cleaner, as I detected just a tad of background hiss on the quiet scenes on the Dolby surround. There's good multi channel work and the LFE is used to create a brooding, ominous feel with low level rumbles. Phone rings are obviously used a lot, and the sound design is quite playful with the placement of the effects. You don't know what channel the sound is going to leap from. Like the protagonists, you leap up when you hear a ring off-screen, wondering where on earth the phone is. Those pesky mobiles, always getting lost down the back of a sofa!
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    None, sadly
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    Unless it's a giant post-modern comment on the lack of originality in horror that I just don't get, this is one of the most unoriginal films I've ever seen. Still, it's an enjoyable enough time waster. Well made, well acted, and has a decent cast (and Yumi certainly is yummy!) but definitely missing any Miike magic.
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