Once Upon a Time in America Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Once Upon a Time in America Review
    Sergio Leone's final cinema
    masterpiece follows Jewish
    mobsters Noodles (Robert
    De Niro) and Max (James
    Woods) from their early days in New
    York right up to their final meeting.
    Extortion, rape, prostitution, murder,
    borderline psychosis and cakes
    - it's all here.
    It took Leone 12 years to complete
    this labour of love, but you can see
    why he hung on in there and made
    sure he got it just right. Once Upon
    a Time in America is a ridiculously
    complex 200-odd minute narrative
    spanning three decades (and two
    DVDs), employing some of the most
    spectacular editing ever seen. And
    that's a good thing. It's also one of the
    most sumptuously realised visions of
    the Big Apple ever. It is also with Once
    Upon A Time in America that Leone
    reveals himself as a consummate
    actor's director, eliciting pitch-perfect
    performances from his world class
    cast across the board.

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