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Once Upon A Time In America 2 Disc Special Edition DVD Review

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by AVForums Aug 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Once Upon A Time In America 2 Disc Special Edition DVD Review
    SRP: £19.99


    Presented anamorphically and framed
    at 1.85:1, this 20 year old film looks far
    better than anyone had the right to
    expect. Leone's lush cinematography
    is well served by the transfer's colour
    reproduction - never in our experience
    have brown and grey looked quite so
    vibrant. An even nicer surprise is the
    lack of electronic artefacting or grain,
    even in the darker scenes such as
    Noodles' opium den shenanigans at
    the very beginning of the film. Shadow
    detail is high and light sources are nice
    and strong, too.
    Once Upon A Time In America 2 Disc Special Edition Picture


    Much of the emotional impact of Once
    Upon a Time in America comes from
    Ennio Morricone's score, so it is just
    as well that there is plenty of bass in
    the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix offered here.
    Accuracy levels are high, with the
    surrounds being used well to create
    an involving atmosphere - as in the
    marketplace flashback early on.


    Given the amount of work that has
    obviously gone into getting the transfer
    and soundtrack for this DVD up to
    snuff, you would think that the extras
    would be a little bit more spectacular
    than they actually are. They consist
    of a commentary from film historian
    Richard Schickel, a documentary
    about Leone's quest to make the
    film, a photo gallery and a trailer.


    The culmination of Sergio Leone's
    filmmaking career on a fine double-disc
    set. How can you say no?

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