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by Casimir Harlow Oct 30, 2009 at 12:00 AM

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    Obsessed Blu-ray Review
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    Obsessed certainly looks like a fine, glossy, big budget production in terms of its video presentation, coming to Blu-ray with a fantastic 1080p High Definition rendition in the movie's original theatrically broad aspect ratio of 2.4:1 widescreen. Detail is excellent throughout, grain is kept to a minimum, noise negligible, digital artefacting barely noticeable - with only some minor edge enhancement really coming across. The colour scheme makes the settings look even more perfect, whether the rays of sunlight cascading into the interiors or the shimmering neon lights shimmering off the shiny vehicle exteriors, it all looks great here. Blacks are solid too, affording excellent night sequences and decent shadowing. There really is very little to complain about, even if this 'perfect' look still comes across as far too manufactured to have any place in the real world, that is more of a comment on the material than on the presentation. This is basically a very pretty-looking film - as I've already stated - and this is certainly evident with this outstanding presentation.
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    On the aural front things are much more disappointing although, again, this is because of the material and not really the presentation. Technically, the Dolby TrueHD track on offer should deliver fantastic performance, but it just has so little to work with, the dialogue being the mainstay in this movie - and even that barely ranging from softly spoken words to raised voices. Effects are almost non-existent, there is no ambience on offer here, just the bluntest of car noises, background hubbub and general atmospherics. You never feel absorbed in this material, even if only on an aural level, and that must surely detract from your viewing pleasure too. The soundtrack itself is so unmemorable and indistinctive that it might as well have been any other score to any other dull drama, just ported over here. Overall, I did not really expect this movie to sound amazing - the Blu-ray format can only do so much with the material on offer - and so I guess I wasn't disappointed, but it would have been nice to be surprised for a change.
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    The Extras are pretty thin on the ground, a fairly fluffy generic making-of in the form of 'Playing Together Nicely' which takes 15 minutes to look at the project from inception of the concept to the story and script, taking us through to the end result. The 11 minute 'Girl Fight!' Featurette looks expressly at the lame denouement, an extended fight between the two main girls. Not really fitting in to the rest of the movie, it was a really bad idea, and played out terribly, so hearing how the cast and crew went to great lengths to give us a fitting finale just comes across as ironic in the extreme. Dressed to Kill gives us a 9 minute look at the costumes worn by the cast, and aside from those lacklustre, weak extras, we just get a bunch of trailers to round off the almost anorexic disc.
    Obsessed Extras


    Obsessed is an insipid reworking of Fatal Attraction, only without the affair, the controversy, the performances, the characters, the script or the story. It has no depth or substance, and even from a purely visceral point of view - absolutely nothing significant happens. I waited and I waited and nothing happened. On Blu-ray the prettiness of the whole package really shines through with a keen video presentation, but lacklustre audio and extremely fluffy, pointless extras round off a disc which really can't claim to entice anybody but the most avid of the film's fans. Which, in the interests of good taste, I hope are in the minimum. Disappointing.
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