Notting Hill Review

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by Phil Hinton Jul 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    Notting Hill Review
    Why are we revisiting Notting Hill? The movie has been available for some time on DVD in both US and UK editions, with good presentations on both. Well it is largely due to curiosity, the film is very good and this Japanese edition gives us the opportunity to hear it in DTS. I hear you now saying to yourself that this is a romantic comedy that is dialogue driven so why bother? Well actually the film has one of the best subtle and realistic sound mixes available and the Dolby version is very good indeed, so like I said, I'm curious.....

    So for those who have never seen it, William Thacker ( Hugh Grant) owns a small travel book shop in London's Notting Hill just off Portobello Road. Every Saturday many tourists and locals descend on the unique street market selling everything from fruit to expensive antiques. One day Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) enters the store to browse and buys a book, at this point William recognises her. Anna is a famous actress; in fact she is the most famous actress in Hollywood today. William attempts small talk with the star failing miserably, but later he runs into her again in the street spilling orange juice over her expensive clothes. In an attempt to make things right he invites her to his house over the road to clean up. She eventually agrees and after cleaning up they chat again and find themselves strangely attracted to each other, two people from completely different worlds. The relationship grows but as always things never run smoothly, so can true love save the day?

    The movie is genuinely funny and even after a number of years, watching this again I found myself laughing out loud more than once. The characters in habiting Williams's world are entertaining and diverse bringing plenty of opportunities for funny moments and situations. The star of the movie for me is Spike, Williams welsh flatmate who is the quintessential worst flatmate in England. Yes this is a romantic comedy with Hugh Grant in it, so you should hate it, but honestly it is the funniest Romantic Comedy I have seen for a long time and can't think of any which better it,(well maybe Bridget Jones, but that's a close one).

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