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by Casimir Harlow Jan 19, 2016 at 10:04 AM

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    No Escape Review

    Efficient and effective, No Escape’s tale of a family caught in the middle of a violent coup maintains small-scale tension and terror.

    Returning comedian Owen Wilson, who's somewhat unbelievably pushing 50, to action duties (following his enjoyable Behind Enemy Lines - some 15 years back) we find him cast here as the unexpected hero father whose relocation to South-East Asia sees him and his young family put in imminent danger as the assassination of the Prime Minister sparks a coup that sees the streets bloodied and nowhere to run or hide.
    Whilst the setting – in a fictitious South-East Asian location which borders Vietnam – requires all too many rampant generalisations, painting the rebels as bloodthirsty villains, the story manages to just about evolve in a fairly natural fashion, as Wilson and his girls (two young daughters and wife Lake Bell) escape and evade hundreds of armed assailants, helicopters and even a tank in a desperate bid to find somewhere safe in this warzone.

    No Escape
    Horror director duo, the Dowdle Brothers, certainly know how to crank up the tension and bring home the terror, taking a comparatively microscopic budget and working wonders here to deliver perfectly serviceable action that’s a clear cut above DTV standards (and, let’s face it, you can’t make much even in the DTV realm with $5 Million these days) even if it doesn’t quite sit comfortably alongside its Big Screen Big Budget brethren.

    No escape, but some escapism.

    A few stylistic flourishes help – although the Dowdle Brothers dally with going overboard in the slo-mo department – as does the cameo presence of a gruff Pierce Brosnan and the everyman likeability of Wilson in the lead, and No Escape ends up being an engaging, enjoying and veritably exciting little action thriller.

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