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Night of the Comet Review

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The future's bright; the future's orange... and filled with zombies!

by Casimir Harlow Sep 25, 2014 at 9:12 AM

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    Night of the Comet Review

    Get Ready for the Night of the Comet!

    Cheap and cheerful, this 80s sophomore effort from relatively inexperienced writer/director Thom Eberhardt proves really quite atmospheric and rightfully earns its status as a cult classic.

    If you're not put off within the first 15 minutes - which feels like one big ball of 80s cliché, rolled up and dished out with almost no sign of any purpose or direction - then you might actually start to warm to this silly and preposterous little post-apocalyptic sci-fi zombie flick.

    When a comet strikes and wipes out almost everybody on the planet, the few remaining survivors trudge around a orange/red-filtered city landscape, banding together to find out what happened. Along the way, they find out that those that didn't get wiped out by the comet, turned into... zombies.
    Packed with terrible 80s hairdos and clunky dialogue, Night of the Comet subsists largely on a game cast and remarkably simple - but reasonably effective - story. Famous for being one of the very first films to use the then-new PG-13 rating, the gore factor is considerably restrained in this feature, which instead relies on a well-crafted mood and atmosphere.

    There's actually a palpable mood to the piece, which dangerously - but largely harmlessly - disseminates cheesy comedy into the more serious dramatic flourish. Sure, it's frivolous low-fi 80s nonsense, but the soundtrack alone - which is the stuff that modern filmmakers revel in for the likes of Drive and The Guest - gives this some worth.

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