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by AVForums Sep 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Natural City DVD Review
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    This is a difficult one. Sometimes the picture is as good as I have seen, the interior of the spaceport as an example. But the movie is so stylised that I can't really tell if distortion and grain aren't introduced on purpose, or are a product of different film stock. What I can say is that this movie has a damn fine picture without much to complain about.
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    For some reason, the sound didn't do much for me. It all seemed too flat and unremarkable. It's not that the sound is bad: it isn't. The sound is clear and perfectly functional with bass present where necessary and vocals easily heard over other sound fields. It just seems a little uninspired next to the rest of the movie.
    Natural City Sound


    Making Of Natural City is a very in depth look at what went into making this movie. I get the impression that this was a work of love by cast and crew. The effects and models used were all created in painstaking detail even though the required equipment was not available to the filmmakers to shoot them properly. Yet they persevered and the end result is pretty spectacular. The director even took some of the larger models home when he realised that they were to be destroyed.

    Location tour with director Min Byung-Chun is like an annex to Making Of Natural City . The tour is much more personal, however, as it is between Director and actor Ji-tae Yu. They talk of the conception of Natural City in a very casual manner. You feel relaxed listening to them as they visit all the locations used in the movie. Sometimes, these locations are unexpected, with previously unrecognised SFX disguising the location's real purpose.

    Both extras are a little dry to take and, as usual, the deleted scenes are so for a good reason. Some more varied extras would have made this a much better disc.
    Natural City Extras


    Forget that some of Korea's output has animal cruelty. This movie is one of a new range of Korean movies that is so surprising in it's content you wonder why there isn't more. Indeed you wonder why the UK couldn't get this kind of project off the ground. A very good movie whose disc is let down by lacklustre sound and sparse, if not interesting, extras.
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