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by Phil Hinton Jan 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Napoleon Dynamite DVD Review
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    The double sided dual layer disc holds the 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen version on side one, with a Full Frame presentation on side two. Interestingly there is not that much of a difference between the two, the film looks like it was shot open matte so in 4:3 you actually get more information top and bottom. However the film was released theatrically in 1.85:1 so it was the widescreen version we reviewed.

    The picture is at times very soft and at others super sharp, with varying degrees in-between. Colours are bright and natural with no signs of bleed or bloom. Edge enhancement is rarely seen and compression is perfect. The image is just above average for a genre film like this with the softness not really affecting things too much.
    Napoleon Dynamite Picture


    There is nothing to really report in terms of sound quality, everything is kept to the front three channels with some good separation where required. Surrounds are almost silent apart from the occasional sound effect such as the chicken farm and dialogue is crisp and clear. Overall a very average sound mix which does it's job without breaking it's stride.
    Napoleon Dynamite Sound


    The extras are split over both sides of the disc. The commentary track which is informative if a little dull turns up on both sides. Other extras present include a short promo on the filming of a follow up wedding scene, 4 deleted scenes, soundtrack promo, trailers, a short film called “Peluca” and finally a stills gallery.
    Napoleon Dynamite Extras


    Certainly not for everyone, but the film will have it's fan base and has proven to be a box office hit. The movie didn't really appeal to me but I did laugh out loud on a number of occasions. I would suggest a rental.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £29.98

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