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by AVForums Dec 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Mr & Mrs Smith: UMD DVD Review
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    ARGH! I hate the PSP!! I love it too. But again, when movie studios take a 2.35 movie and shrink it down to 1.85 it's really rather annoying. Having said that, this doesn't completely suffer unlike some other movies, which I suppose is a blessing. We have a clean print, not a surprise based on the movies age, nor on its DVD transfer, with everything looking as it should. Colours are nicely done and everything about the movie is crisp and very watchable, even it IS truncated. I think the PSP screen does a lot of these movies justice, not just because it is a very nice screen to view, but conversely, due to its size, it can hide any faults more easily. But this is really an impressive looking movie on the format. I just wish they'd stop cropping.
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    As ever, my first piece of advice - don't use the speakers or PSP headphones. Listening with my usual set of Sennheisers (with noise cancelling), I found this to be very nicely done, but not comparable to the Dolby or DTS tracks found on the DVD, but it is clear and has some nice bass moments during the action sequences, which while they won't rock your world, will keep your attention on the movie as opposed to the plane/train/car journey you're probably making while watching this. Can't fault it, bar the obvious limitations of the format.
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    While my opinion is the same as the DVD, the PSP version is only let down by the soundtrack being somewhat less engaging that the home cinema experience. That said, the old verdict, which follows, still holds completely true for me - even after 5 viewings of this movie!

    Hollywood hokum, but good hokum is always welcome. Sure, there are parallels to be drawn to another movie which I've mentioned already, but this is a good entertaining blast. The principals have great chemistry together, Pitt is more akin to his Oceans 11 character than the one from Se7en and Jolie demonstrates her ability in an action movie again as well as redeeming her comedic side after her first, terrible foray. I wouldn't be shocked if there's a sequel either, but either way, this is a good movie on a good disk, let down by the lack of extras. Besides, it's hard to knock any movie with Ms. Jolie in lingerie. Worth adding to your Christmas list.
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