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by AVForums Oct 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    I'd hazard a guess that this has been re-mastered in some way, as the picture quality is actually very good. There's a little bit of dust/dirt marks present, but no obvious compression artefacts are seen anywhere. It's hard to comment on edge enhancement, as everything has a thin black outline, but the colours are very vivid and certainly as bright as I remember them. There's a little bit of what appears to be grain, but that could purely be age and the image itself, so I won't be too harsh with it. Compared to something like Nemo, this falls flat, but on its own merits, it is very good - however, I am judging this score based on DVD's in general, so don't be put off.
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    With a 2 channel mono soundtrack, this is, well, bland. There's no real dynamic sound here, so I have to judge it on that basis, however it's perfectly in-line with the show and keeps its charm completely intact. However, I'm not sure about the first episode, as there clearly is some overdubbing present and the actual sound changes pitch. I can't say if it was there in the beginning or purely on this disc, but I'll err on the side of it was already there, as it is only this episode that has the change in pitch.
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    It's very hard to review something so simplistic in any depth, as well as something that everyone will easily remember from their youth. While I am not being critical of the DVD itself, quality wise it can't compare to the majority of current releases, but don't let that put you off as this is a nice walk down memory lane.
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