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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Monster Man DVD Review
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    For a low budget movie, this has a pretty good transfer, boasting a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen image. Keeping in mind, that it isn't a major blockbuster, the colours are generally fine, although it does suffer from having a slight orange tint, although that may well be intentional by the film makers. Detail is perfectly fine, again given its low budget nature and the blacks are deep and dark, which is good during the night scenes, although I have seen better. Edge enhancement wasn't noticeable during the movie, however the print does suffer from slight dust marks, but at least no scratches were present. Competent is the best way to regard this, but I don't think, with the exception of the dust, it could have been handled any better.
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    Coming with the now common Tartan Dolby and DTS track, as well as a stereo track, this is nicely atmospheric, with good use of surrounds for musical cues, to give that typical horror atmosphere, not to mention some really cheesy disco music at the beginning. It is not however, the most extensive workout you can give your speakers either, but when it engages, the LFE is used nicely (during monster truck scenes) and the soundstage, while not completely immersive, does keep your attention.

    Which then comes back to the main debate, which is DTS or Dolby and which is better. In all honesty, the DTS edges it, purely because the dialogue sounds slightly more natural with a slightly deeper tone. However, there really is nothing to split the two, not even the usual DTS being slightly louder is present here. It really is personal choice and I think that, due to the tone of the dialogue being slightly deeper, the DTS edges it, but barely.
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    The Making of Monster Man which runs for 20 minutes, gives us a look behind the scenes, but be aware that you should really watch the movie first, as it tells you more than you need to (although the ending isn't exactly a major twist). It is very typical PR with the starts gushing about the script “It's unlike anything I've ever read” and the stars themselves “I instantly had a crush or Aimee”. Ok the last one is an easy one to see why though. Still although it's run of the mill, it has a more honest, relaxed vibe than others.Gag Reel lasts for 4 minutes and does what it says on the tin - there is actually one or two laughs here, plus we get to see the real speed of the first chase scene, although chase is too strong a word really. Storyboard Trailer shows the trailer mentioned in the making of documentary, of a trailer they made using simple storyboard animations to show off the movie. Different, I'll give it that and it only runs for 3 minutes. Theatrical Trailer is exactly that, runs for 3 minutes also and won't spoil the movie for you (unlike some). It'll certainly give you a taste of what the movie is like either way.
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    If you are looking for a good scary horror, with plenty of thrills and chills, then this isn't the movie you are looking for. If, however, you want to see some gore, have a sick twisted sense of humour and have a penchant for young blondes in fishnets and miniskirts, then there's a lot of fun to be had while watching this movie. Brainless schlocky fun, not to mention worth viewing for the Yoda scene.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £15.99

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