Miss Congeniality 2:Armed & Fabulous DVD Review

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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Miss Congeniality 2:Armed & Fabulous DVD Review
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    Stunning transfer is my honest immediate response to this. Colours were bright and vivid, with blacks being dark too and no loss of detail was apparent - and this is a very colourful movie, as it is set in Las Vegas. No dust or dirt specs were noticeable on the print either which is always a nice sign, but in theory there shouldn't be either with a film this recent. The image didn't suffer from any grain, nor did I notice any edge enhancement either, in fact I'm struggling to find anything negative to say against it, in fact, I couldn't honestly think of anything until I played it on my PC where it looked grainier than on my PC LCD than my 32” LCD, which was rather odd.
    Miss Congeniality 2:Armed & Fabulous Picture


    Equipped with a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack, this has the usual flaw that most comedies have - it's front heavy. Dialogue is clear, crisp and natural sounding with music being nicely handled and never drowning out the vocals. Again, slightly too quiet volume-wise from my usual reference point but only by -2db, so I won't grumble too much. LFE, if present, wasn't really noticeable, but then I can't think of many comedy movies where it is either. Surrounds are lacking, but noticeable during the more busy scenes, or for music. Like the movie itself, unspectacular and average.
    Miss Congeniality 2:Armed & Fabulous Sound


    Well I guess the reason why the picture is so good is due to the lack of extras, until you realise the disk is 3.5GB empty. We have the theatrical trailer for the movie, as well as “Missing Scenes” which are alternate or longer versions of scenes already in the movie. They run for about 12 minutes and you can't specify which one you wish to view, you have to watch them run in their entirety. Nothing particularly noteworthy here I'm afraid and so easy to see why they got cut out. A wasted opportunity.
    Miss Congeniality 2:Armed & Fabulous Extras


    Well, Miss Bullock coasts along on another comedy yet again, so her fans won't be disappointed, but they will probably be the only ones. Not wishing to lay the blame at her feet, for she does the best with the lame material present, Hollywood really should get out of the idea of sequels and remakes - it's simply whipping a deceased stallion.
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