Miami Vice : Season Two DVD Review

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by Simon Crust Jul 2, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Miami Vice : Season Two DVD Review
    SRP: £49.99


    The disc's have a broadcast correct 1.33:1 aspect picture and for its age is remarkably clean and bright. The pastel colours are solid enough, they are never going to stand out, its not what pastel does. Brightness and contrast are set to give reasonable blacks, there is a slight tendency towards the grey in places but it is rare. Detail is good, the picture does soften on occasion but nothing too worry about. Digitally some slight posterisation and a little edge enhancement are visible on occasion with a few specks of minor print damage being the only real distraction form the original print, gain is kept to an absolute minimum. Really, for such an old TV programme this picture is very, very good and I was more than pleased.

    Miami Vice : Season Two Picture


    The original sound track has been remixed into a full Dolby Digital 5.1 track, but don't get too excited its not all good. The only time all the speakers get any real workout is with the incidental music, rears spring to life and the room is suddenly awash with top music, otherwise the track concentrates purely on the front three. Ok, that's not exactly true, there is the occasional ambient wash from the rears, but they are very brief. Dialogue is always from the front, the rest of the track spread to the front two, it works well there is some decent separation. Unfortunately it is all rather bass light, music, gun shots, even dialogue are rather thin. However, it's a rare thing to have an eighties show with a 5.1 mix and whilst this is not the best of the best, it should be applauded for trying and making it work, light though it might be. Again I was very pleased with the result considering the age and source of the original material.

    Miami Vice : Season Two Sound


    Seems to be the current trend to release TV series' without any extras or subtitles, this set is following that trend, its not one I like. Of course I don't count the ridiculous minute long trailer for other 'cult' DVD's available to the 'UK market' else the extras would receive a minus mark.

    Miami Vice : Season Two Extras


    Miami Vice is as fun to watch today as it was twenty years ago, it has nothing serious to say, and has fun saying it, how can one hate such a gaudy in you face show. As a set Universal have released a very bare bones edition, hopefully the series can overcome this as it really is an enjoyable watch.

    Miami Vice : Season Two Verdict

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