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by AVForums Oct 1, 2000 at 12:00 AM

    Men in Black Review
    A streetwise cop is inducted into the Men in Black, a secret agency devoted to policing the vast number of aliens on planet Earth. Agent Jay (Smith) is partnered up with the deadpan veteran, Agent Kay (Jones). Together they find themselves in the middle of a deadly situation involving a giant alien cockroach disguising itself as a human, a miniature galaxy, and just possibly, the destruction of the Earth.
    It made millions at the box office, became one of Columbia Tristar's biggest ever hits, and made Will Smith the star he is today. At first, the pace, invention and impressive special effects keep it going, but on subsequent viewings you might find that there isn't really that much going on. Still, it's undeniably better than the clunking attempt to follow it up, Wild Wild West, and the galaxy of extras on this disc makes it worth checking out, even if the novelty of the movie itself has worn off.

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