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by AVForums Feb 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Memories Of Murder DVD Review


    Framed at an anamorphic 1.85:1 the print quality is superb. Bags of detail is evident from the opening scenes in the brightly lit cornfields with the sun streaming through, to the dense woodland in the moonlight as the suspected murderer is chased on foot. Colours are neutral and the skin tones are produced realistically. Contrast is wide and detail is maintained in shadow and highlights. This is a very impressive print.
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    Yes folks that rare beast a DTS ES soundtrack, and a corker it is too. Although only half rate at 768kbps we are still treated to beautifully sharp and focused vocals, even though I didn't understand a word, with a natural openness and warmth. This is balanced nicely to the front soundstage, which is a little restricted except in one notable scene when a suspect is chased along a train track. Here the front really opens up prior to an inevitable crunching impact. Most of the surround channels provide an ethereal ambience with a delicate yet haunting score, and the clattering of the rain which serves as an indication that the killer will strike again.

    Those of you without the ability to hear the DTS track need not be disappointed. The DD is almost as good, lacking only some of the depth and warmth of its DTS brother. Dialogue is punched up by +4dB, but the DD track is still not as loud as the DTS, and does not go as low. I suspect this is why it lacks that warmth. DTS a winner then, but not by much.
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    This two disc affair is absolutely packed with extras. Disc one has two full-length commentary tracks, and disc two has scores of features ranging from the casting sessions of the lead actors to the CGI effects now so eponymous in a modern movie, and on to the movies release in front of hundreds of screaming Korean fans. So why so low a mark then. Well it is all in Korean and is not subtitled. If feature count determined the score, or if you speak Korean then extras would probably warrant an 8, but if you don't fall into either of those two categories then your enjoyment is severely limited.
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    I was very impressed. This movie is reminiscent of Narc or Training Day in its tone, and matches them both in terms of story and suspense, add to that an excellent audio visual presentation and you have a movie that will fascinate, intrigue and entertain. Pity about those extras though.

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