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by AVForums Jan 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Meet The Parents: Bonus Edition DVD Review
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    Despite this being a Bonus Edition disc, all the bonuses are still squeezed onto one DVD 9 disc. With the movie, a DTS track and 3 Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks, a commentary track, and a couple of hours of extras, something had to give. What seems to give is the picture quality. Firstly I feel sure a better print could have been sourced. While not intrusive, a significant amount of physical print damage seems present in the form of scratches and pops. More distracting is the grain, which is mostly apparent in large blocks of a single colour, such as sky or lawns. Busy scenes also fair badly. Much of the movie involves family scenes with many characters in frame, the bit rate can't match the print demands, and quality suffers. There is no blocking or smearing but in an attempt to improve detail, edge enhancement is present in many scenes. On the plus side skin tones are accurate, and primary colours are clean and bright. Contrast is reasonable with fair levels of detail in shadow areas, but a little loss in highlights (skies again).
    Meet The Parents: Bonus Edition Picture


    So this Bonus disc has a DTS track, must be one of the bonus features that make this edition worth owning eh? Err no! Because a DTS track was present on the 2000 release of this disc. So it must be a new, enhanced encoding? No again. I listened to scenes back to back and could not tell the difference between them. I suspect it is the same soundtrack. This wouldn't be so bad if it was a good track, but it is distinctly average. Admittedly as a wordy comedy it is not taxing on the surround channels, or indeed the bass channel, but I have come to expect a good DTS track to be rich, warm and fulsome, none of which applies to this track. The Dolby Digital track is no better or worse, and does the same adequate job of placing dialogue in the centre channel.
    Meet The Parents: Bonus Edition Sound


    Well at last we have reached the reason for this re-release, the bonus features. I mean it is called the Bonus Edition, and the tagline above the title screams Over 35 all new outtakes, including “an uproariously funny deleted scene of De Niro singing at the wedding”. First things first, the 2000 edition had a commentary track with Stiller and De Niro which is missing from this release. The deleted scenes and a large proportion of the outtakes were present on the earlier edition, as was the Jay Roach commentary, which leaves a few decidedly unfunny and tiresome outtakes, and two brief featurettes on training cats to pee in the toilet, and the science of the lie detector. Oh and let's not forget the uproarious singing of De Niro. They are truly dreadful, tedious affairs and I regret having spent my valuable time watching them. The guys writing the text for the cover of this DVD must have been taking lessons from estate agents in the ability to stretch the credible truth as far as possible. A hugely disappointing disc.
    Meet The Parents: Bonus Edition Extras


    So to reiterate, Is the movie worthy of a reissue? Yes, it is a very funny flick and deserved its plaudits and its success, and I will be watching Meet The Fockers. Is this Bonus Edition worthy of purchase? Absolutely not. Not in this or any other life. This tawdry, limp excuse of a disc is a shameful attempt to cash in on the publicity of the upcoming sequel. Avoid it like the plague. The first release will be in your retailer's bargain bin for less than a fiver, buy that instead.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £29.98

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