Me, Myself & Irene Blu-ray Review

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by Casimir Harlow Mar 5, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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    Me, Myself & Irene Blu-ray Review
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    Me, Myself and Irene comes complete with a decent enough 1080p High Definition video presentation in the movie's original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1 widescreen. Detail is good throughout, whether on the close-ups or the wider shots, largely avoiding signs of softness, edge enhancement or grain, and retaining a high level of clarity throughout. The colour scheme is perfectly realistic, depicting the sunny but not sun-kissed setting with keen observation of the palette. Sure there are a couple of things that seem faded, but I'm sure this is intentional, especially when you look at little things like the red stripes on Charlie's uniform, which are resoundingly bright and solid. Blacks are sharp and allow for decent levels of contrast to be maintained throughout. Overall it is a decent rendition that marks a substantial upgrade upon the previous DVD incarnation.
    Me, Myself & Irene Picture


    To accompany the movie we also get a DTS HD 5.1 Master Lossless Audio track that is decent enough, but by no means pushes the boundaries of the format. Comedies aren't always the noisiest affairs - unless we're talking Hot Fuzz - but the Farrelly Brothers' work is generally quite boisterous. Still, whilst this is not quite an exception, it is a fairly lacklustre offering. Dialogue does come across clearly and coherently throughout, shouts, screams and the gruff low rumble of Hank's Dirty Harry-esque voice, and generally emanates from the fronts and centre channels. The effects are mostly quiet and atmospheric, still keenly observed and giving the production a decent aural feel, although it is nothing particularly noteworthy. There are a couple of noisier affairs, crashing and thumping and the like, but for the most part it is an ambient job. The score is perfectly suited to the material, generally kicking in during the non-dialogue moments, and giving the movie that fantastical, sick-fairy-tale feel. Considering that it's a top notch choice of track, it's a little bit of a shame that the material doesn't show off the capabilities of the mix better, but it is certainly the best presentation that we could expect for this affair.
    Me, Myself & Irene Sound


    First up we get an Audio Commentary by the Directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly, which is a strangely arrogant and unpleasant affair. It's nice that they clearly care about all the 'little people' they used to populate the cast, but enough already with pointing them out (we already had that with the annoying closing credits reel that points out just about every single friend or relative who the Farrellys included - often in walk-on roles - in their movie). I suppose I wasn't expecting any great production or plot revelations and the two are at least quite boisterous and thus mildly amusing, but perhaps more on-set trivia and tales would not have done any harm, and would have certainly made this offering a far more interesting affair.

    We get 10 Deleted Scenes, all available with Optional Directors' Commentary, and an extra 12 minutes of footage. Although the cutting from colour to black and white (to highlight the extensions) can be a bit irritating, fans of the movie certainly won't want to miss the, often hilarious, extra material on offer here. To round off the disc we also get a bunch of trailers, leaving us slightly downgraded from the previous SD DVD incarnation, but the Music Video, Gallery and fluffy Featurettes were probably no great loss.
    Me, Myself & Irene Extras


    Me, Myself and Irene certainly will not be to everyone's tastes, but I find it to be an often hilarious, thoroughly enjoyable affair, featuring one of Jim Carrey's more endearing comic performances. It comes to Blu-ray with decent enough technical specs, as the main extras from the SD DVD release, although there's nothing wildly advocating an upgrade. Fans will still be tempted, newcomers may want to give it a rental to see if it works for them.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £24.79

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