May Review

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by Phil Hinton Oct 1, 2003 at 12:00 AM

    May Review
    May (Angela Bettis) is a very
    disturbed young lady.
    Social awkward and
    painfully shy, May was
    made to wear a pirate-like eyepatch
    as a child to cover up her lazy
    eye, and she has never really
    recovered from the stigma she
    suffered due to it.
    Her only 'friend' in the world is a doll
    called Suzie, but, as Suzie is an
    heirloom, she can never be removed
    from the glass case she resides within.
    Once again May is deprived of an
    intimate relationship and remains
    lonely and confused. Things change
    when May falls for the hunky Adam
    (Jeremy Sisto) and is seduced by a
    colleague (Anna Faris), but just when
    things look set to work out, her quest
    for perfection in a companion takes a
    rather disturbing turn for the worse.
    May is a deeply unsettling film, and
    with it writer/director Lucky McKee has
    crafted a slow-boiling tale of isolation
    and foreboding that plays on the mind
    more than it assaults the senses. With
    superb performances, a tense script,
    excellent low-key direction and a killer
    twist in the tale, May is an impressive
    piece of psychological horror that pulls
    no punches and refuses to insult its
    audience by playing to the lowest
    common denominator.

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