Marilyn Monroe: The Collection Volume 2 DVD Review

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by AVForums Oct 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Marilyn Monroe: The Collection Volume 2 DVD Review
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    These movies, as in Vol1, have not been colourised. Picture quality is as you'd expect, which is not that special. Both review samples had slightly better picture than Vol1's We're not Married, but not by much. There is still a miasma of fuzz everywhere which, admittedly, you forget about in time. However, as this is a fairly major release, extolling the virtues of Monroe, then surely some form of cleanup could have been under taken?
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    Not bad. Both movies have a dialogue bias which makes most other sound seem recessed, in comparison. There is a brief part at the beginning of As Young as You Feel where an orchestra is playing. Sound seems to be quite good, here, especially Hodge's impromptu Piccolo solo.
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    There are none.
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    Again, I find it astonishing that there are no extras. Have any of the DVD producers looked at a Monroe Biography, or scanned the IMDB for info? I did and, to be frank, was more interested in the info there than the movies. Listen to this: Monroe had an insane mother who left Monroe to a series of foster homes, Monroe was nearly suffocated when two and nearly raped at six years old. That lot was the first two lines on the IMDB biography, for God's sake. How hard could it have been to make some featuretts!? That some people may buy the disc set on the strength of some added content - surely this had crossed someone's cognitive process at some point? Clearly not.
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