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by AVForums Sep 22, 2008 at 12:00 AM

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    Made of Honor Blu-ray Review


    Presented in its theatrically correct aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and encoded at 1080P using the AVC-MPEG4 codec, I was mightily impressed by the picture quality on this BD-50 dual layered disc.

    The first thing that stands out are the flesh tones. They are immaculate all the way through and probably the best I have ever seen.

    Of course, this means that the rest of the colour palette is top notch also - and it is a very colourful film. There's no hint of colour bleed or the “fizz” that you sometimes see in bright colours like yellow or red. I'm glad to report that all is solid and stable which is following the current trend of Sonys recent releases.

    Detail is high all the way through also - there is a small element of grain but it doesn't detract from the overall viewing experience.

    Patrick Dempsey seems to be one of the big attractions in New York's Central Park just lately. With the big song and dance number in Enchanted taking place there, a small number of scenes for this movie were filmed there as well - detail is particularly high in these scenes with the tall skyscrapers in the background oozing detail from every visible window...

    So another commendable effort from Sony whose latest releases are certainly setting the benchmark for others to follow in the picture quality department.

    Made of Honor Picture


    Lossless audio is becoming commonplace on the majority of Blu-ray discs lately. Sonys format of choice has changed from the Lossless PCM tracks that were on its early discs to that of Dolby TrueHD. Made Of Honour comes packed with the latter in its 5.1 form - but it's never going to win any awards for its design.

    The movie relies a lot on it's dialogue - as do most movies - but where others may be able to boast the odd explosion or gunshot to keep your attention, this movie can boast no such dynamics.

    But what we do have is a soundtrack that does its job very well - the aforementioned dialogue is clear and concise and is cemented firmly to the centre channel. I never once had to ask somebody what was said onscreen.

    There is the odd surround effect - but the rears are mostly used for providing ambience in the outdoor scenes and for showing off the odd piece of score.

    Demo material it most certainly isn't. Fit for purpose it most certainly is.

    Made of Honor Sound


    Made Of Honour comes complete with all the extras that were included on the SD DVD - but the majority have been given a High Definition makeover...lets have a look at what's on the wedding present table then.

    Save The Date - The Making of Made Of Honour (12.54 HD).It's not a bad little feature and a lot of the humour comes over in the documentary. It also shows how director Paul Weilland was always ready and willing to listen to his cast (particularly Sidney Pollack) and include their ideas in the finished article.

    Three Weddings And A Skyline (06.49 HD) is a short feature about the production designer - it does highlight how hard the things that we take for granted (colour schemes and the like) are actually extremely tricky to get right...

    Deleted Scenes - though they are more like extended scenes of the ones that appeared in the finished film with the tiny deleted bits added back in. There's one in the locker room and an hilarious scene that was removed for some reason from the Highland Games that would have been better left in...I nearly bust a rib!

    Directors Commentary is a very witty piece from the director that was recorded in one take and is very scene by scene orientated.

    his humour shines through from the first line where he apologises for being English and having a strange accent...

    Trailers for Hancock, You Don't Mess With The Zohan and The Jane Austen Book Club - all presented in High Definition.

    Some run of the mill stuff there then - but made all the better by the infectious personality of the director and some of the cast...I personally enjoyed the commentary the most so if you have a spare hour and a bit, you might want to give it a listen.

    Made of Honor Extras


    Filed firmly under “C” for Chick... Comedy, Romantic, I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed this light hearted romp. Made with the female audience at the forefront of the makers mind, I found the comedy side a little more interesting than the romantic one.

    As a Blu-ray package, the picture and sound quality are up there with the best that Sony have released lately. The extras package carries some of the humour from the film over into the all too brief featurettes and shows that this must have been a fun film to make.

    Now - as I said before, I actually quite enjoyed the film. I watched it with a couple of members of it's target audience (my wife and daughters) who laughed out loud all the way through.

    Planning a romantic night in soon? You could do a lot worse that cuddle up with a nice bottle of red after renting this. Just make sure that the males among you reading this are not late for the football the next morning or you might miss out on all those macho drinking games in the pub afterwards...

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