Mad Max Collection - Petrol Can Edition Review

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“Save it … I’m just here for the gasoline.”

by Chris McEneany Aug 23, 2013 at 6:37 PM

    The original Mad Max Trilogy is a glorious pageant of grinding metal, sand-scrubbed carnage and high-speed heroism … yet you owe it to George Miller, Mel Gibson and a whole host of intrepid and death-defying stuntmen to look a little deeper into this maelstrom of madness than just the pile-ups. There is far more here than just cool cars, battered leathers and jaw-dropping air-ramp thrills and spills.

    It spawned a legion of copycats and created its own subgenre. It ominously foreshadowed Mel Gibson’s own descent into madness, but it remains a stark, hammer-in-the-face testament to just how bloody good this guy was with even the scantiest of material.
    Mad Max was, is, and always shall be the king of the road.

    And his journey is far from over.

    For those who care about such things - Mad Max gets a raw and thrilling 9 out of 10. Mad Max 2 an unreserved, unequivocal 10. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, flawed and unappreciated as it is, gets a well-earned 8 out of 10. I love it, but it does falter over a few overly ambitious ingredients.

    So, collectively, we are talking a trilogy that racks up a very strong 9 out of 10, folks.

    Read the full in-depth look at all three movies in the article HERE.

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