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by Casimir Harlow Feb 3, 2016 at 7:43 AM

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    Luther Series 4 Review

    Ditching the touted prequel/sequel movie ideas in favour of more TV outings, Luther returns with a suitably grim fourth season that can’t help but feel like a Christmas Special filler.

    Luther wasn’t the only show to go for a Christmas Special, with Sherlock’s Abominable Bride playing similar tricks. But at least the Great Detective’s feature wasn’t trussed up as a complete season, which this purports to be. Luther – Season 4 is actually just two normal-length episodes, telling a single typically Luther-ian murder mystery story played out against another quest to take the troubled detective down.
    Whilst police conspiracies and investigations into potential corruption are thankfully kept to a bare minimum this time around – instead opting for the more fun, and tension-inducing, random hitmen out-to-get our hero – the backstory of childhood grudges and dastardly decades-long vendettas doesn’t quite sit right, with the show distinctly missing the presence of Luther’s great love/hate arch-villain/heroine, Alice.

    Luther - Series 4
    Returning to the fold to investigate Alice’s disappearance, Luther finds himself caught up in a suitably bloody investigation into a serial cannibal, and has to juggle a new partner whilst evading some rather self-provoked attacks from the hit that an aggrieved local gangster put on his head.

    Whilst some (or all) of that feels a little contrived, it’s only the appearance of a random ghost from the past, with purported knowledge into what happened to Alice, that really sends the story into the realms of frustrating silliness, and tails off into a tiresome wannabe-cliffhanger.

    Gritty, with plenty of attitude, 'Season 4' still can't cover up the fact that it's half the season it should have been.

    Indeed, at best, this Christmas Special is little more than half a full normal season, hence why there is so much unresolved, but with no ‘Season 5’ on the horizon yet, it’s hard to swallow this as anything more than a tease for what’s yet to come.

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