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by AVForums Jan 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Love In The Afternoon DVD Review
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    French, 70's, arthouse. Get the picture? Well it's awful. Framed in a 4:3 ratio it has aged badly, is very grainy, and has a bland greyness to the print often appearing monochromatic. There is no shadow detail to speak of with dark scenes full of digital blocking and smearing. Skin tones are pallid at best, and occasionally take on a pale green tinge, making everyone appear as though they have overindulged on the vino. As nasty as a French birds armpit.
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    Dolby Digital Mono 1.0. I didn't even know such a sound format existed. It's all dialogue. It's all French. It's all coming from the centre channel. You can't get it to come out of more speakers even if you try. The dialogue is clear enough to follow, but you will probably be watching the sub-titles anyway.
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    A trailer - that reminds you how awful movie trailers were in the 70's - and a bizarre little offering of a 1958 short film by Rohmer called “Veronica and her Dunce”. This 20-minute short is a sort of one act play about a small boy being taught at home by a pretty female tutor with regular unexplained close-ups of the tutor slipping off her shoes. Oh well.
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    I knew nothing of director Eric Rohmer's work before watching this movie. The slow pace and uninspiring filming does not encourage me to see more. In our current selfish society I don't feel this story has anything to say except perhaps to damn our modern values. The presentation of the DVD is poor and indicates that the distributor does not expect a large audience for this disc. I expect they are right.
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