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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM


    Oh dear, where to start. The print has a few blemishes but given its age, it's acceptable. Colours are fine although they do waver from time to time, but I expect that is a limitation of the time and nothing more. Edge enhancements are noticeable during the movie, but this is the least of the transfers' problems, with no apparent haloing which is probably the most positive part here, although there is a shimmering to the picture which is annoying. However, the print is very grainy looking, so much so that the picture looks very pixel-y on my LCD, more than any other movie I own. It reminded me of looking as a photo that's been processed in Photoshop with an artistic paintbrush filter, which is very bizarre to watch after 10 minutes! I tried it via HDMI instead of Component and it was slightly better but still apparent. Not one to try and impress anyone with!
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    Being a Dolby Digital 2.0 mix, the soundtrack is not particularly dynamic, with dialogue being slightly quiet in comparison to the musical numbers, but much crisper. Panning is not overly noticeable; although this is a musical I wouldn't have been surprised if this was originally a mono soundtrack. Bass through the musical numbers is reasonably deep, in some cases being the most powerful part of the soundtrack in terms of volume alone. No hiss is present, which is a benefit, but I can't help wishing that the mix was a bit louder and more balanced than it is.
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    The extras here are effectively identical to the DVD of Luther I have reviewed - so what was true of those extras is also true here (so therefore, I'll use the same text as before because there's nothing else to add or say). There are quite a few extras present, but none of any real substance. The only sizable extras are generic featurettes on the American Film Theatre, which relates to the “series” from which this movie is taken. Otherwise, it's the usual suspects of trailers, galleries and assorted snippets of information. To be honest, I only looked at them briefly due to the lack of substance present. In some ways it's nice to have extras, but in this instance, there's not much to choose from between those present and nothing at all.
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    I didn't dislike this musical/movie for the storyline, rather than the execution, which I felt was rather ill fitting and conceived. I'm not really sure as to who it's trying to pick as its audience, because it just doesn't gel together being culturally incorrect. Am I being political correctness gone mad? No, I don't think so, I think I'd rather have accuracy or at least something true to the images it's portraying. Musical lovers only I'm afraid.

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