Live Aid (20 Years Ago Today) Review

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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Released to coincide with the concert's 20th Anniversary, 20 Years ago today is the music video version of the NOW series of compilations. Featuring a rather measly 51 minutes of highlights, this is unfortunately rather a poor substitute to the real thing, the huge box set featuring the whole concert and coming in at around about 10 hours.Nicely chaptered to reach individual bands and singers, the disc kicks off with Status Quo with Rockin' all over the World. The scary thing about this is that 20 years later Parfitt and Rossi look really no different. Bob Geldof himself is next with his Boomtown Rats and sings I Don't Like Mondays. Next up is a very young looking Paul Weller singing Walls Coming Tumbling Down with the Style Council. After that we see Mitch Ure and Ultravox, New Romantic legends Spandau Ballet and much more over the space of just under an hour.

    The editing of this compilation is simply horrible. The songs just cut straight in, some haven't even finished. There are no fade outs or some decent sound editing into the next song. It almost seems that a five year old did it by setting up two videos and doing the editing with his Dad's tapes off the telly.

    It's also very sad that not only was the concert for the starving millions, but the opening shots show Prince Charles and Bob Geldof along with their wives Diana and Paula Yates who both died in tragic circumstances. The disc is not bad but compared to the brilliant box set featuring Queen's full set and a very, very young Madonna you feel coming up very short changed. Saying that though, Howard Jones still has a great hair cut.

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