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Live Aid (20 Years Ago Today) DVD Review

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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005

    SRP: £9.99


    Taped live possibly on videotape, the concert footage is extremely uneven. One minute it's not bad but then you are confronted with all sorts of video noise and static. The American scenes look worse probably due to the NTSC conversion to PAL It can't be helped as the tapes have rotted in some vault for almost two decades. A pretty good job done in almost impossible conditions, so a big well done to the restoration team but the picture overall is still average at best.
    Live Aid (20 Years Ago Today) Picture


    Warners have given us three sound choices. A rather bog standard 2.0 Stereo mix, but at least the Dolby Digital and DTS mixes are better. I am not sure of the concert's sound history but I would assume it was recorded in mono, so the new mixes are quite good. You get a pretty good idea of 'being there' especially with the slightly better DTS track. However, for people who can remember the concert, it suffered sound problems throughout the gig and not being unkind some people's voices just can't cut it live and sound strained.
    Live Aid (20 Years Ago Today) Sound


    Text descriptions of the disc's artists and the box set details. Very poor.
    Live Aid (20 Years Ago Today) Extras


    At around ten pounds, the disc is a waste of money when compared to the brilliant full concert. It's not even got all the best bits, where is the full Queen set, Adam Ant and Madonna? Add twenty pounds or so and buy the box set.

    The Rundown



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