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A Premium TV with magic inside

by Mark Hodgkinson Jan 1, 2016 at 8:30 AM

  • SRP: £3,499.00

    What is the LG OLED55E6?

    This is the partner to the 65” OLED65E6, with both sitting just below the Signature OLED77G6 and OLED65G6. Don’t think this 55-inch OLED TV is any way compromised, however, as it has all the necessary credentials to be classed as an Ultra HD Alliance Premium TV, with Ultra HD 4K resolution, HDR (High Dynamic Range) – including Dolby Vision – capacity and the ability to display much wider colour gamuts than conventional TVs. The LG OLED55E6 also features the latest version of LG’s Smart TV platform, webOS 3.0.

    This is a preview of the upcoming OLED55E6 model and will be replaced with the full in-depth review as soon as we have measured and reviewed the final retail sample. In the meantime here is a rundown of the features we can expect to see.

    G6 OLED Picture Quality Features

    LG OLED55E6 G6 OLED Picture Quality Features
    The OLED55E6 can go extremely black with the UHDA specifying a ‘worst’ of 0.005 nits to meet the Premium Criteria. Contrast that with the 0.05 nits needed for an LED TV – it’s a massive one hundred times as dark. On the flip side, the E6 can’t go as bright as the UHDA Premium LED TVs but it does have a (claimed) colour gamut reaching 99% of DCI, utilising the ColourPrime Pro technology on boar. The E6 OLED also features a 10-bit panel and 10-bit processing behind its flat panel with an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2160.

    Smart TV and Other Specs

    LG OLED55E6 Smart TV and Other Specs
    webOS 3.0 introduces new features and enhancements in 2016 with three magic smart features at the heart of things. The upgraded Magic Remote is designed to make controlling external set-top boxes and devices more easily; Magic Zoom enables allows you to zoom in on objects without any degradation in picture quality, while with Magic Mobile Connection, you can connect a mobile phone to their LG SMART TV via the LG TV Plus App on their mobile device to access mobile apps on the TV screen. Magic.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £3,499.00

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