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LG 55UF850V (UF850) Ultra HD 4K TV

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    LG 55UF850V (UF850) Ultra HD 4K TV
    SRP: £1,399.00

    What is the LG 55UF860V?

    The UF860 represents LG's higher mid-range Ultra HD 4K LED LCD TV and along with the 55-inch 55UF860V, there is also the 65-inch 65UF860V. This new range uses a flat IPS panel with premium sound provided by Harman Kardon. The UF860 includes LG's ColourPrime Nano Spectrum technology to create a wider colour space, along with their Magic Remote and Smart TV with webOS.

    This is a preview of the upcoming 55UF860V model and will be replaced with the full in-depth review as soon as we have measured and reviewed the final retail sample. In the meantime here is a run down of the features we can expect to see.

    UF860 Picture Quality Features

    LG 55UF850V UF860 Picture Quality Features
    The 55UF860V incorporates many of the latest picture features found on LG's 2015 UHD range of TVs. Aside from the IPS panel with its wider viewing angles, the UF860 supports Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and includes Quad-Core picture processing; we will test all these features fully when the UF860 comes in for review.

    The UF860 not only includes an Ultra HD 4K panel but also improved sound by Harman Kardon.

    The UF860 also includes LG's ColourPrime Nano Spectrum technology to deliver a wider colour space. In addition there is the Motion Clarity feature that can be used to reduce motion blur. The Quad-Core processing includes numerous picture processing features to maximise the effect of the Ultra HD panel, even on non-4K content, as well as extensive calibration controls.

    Smart TV and Other Specs

    The 55UF860V sports an attractive design with a slim panel, minimal bezel and Harman Kardon speakers for improved sound quality. The UF860 includes four HDMI 2.0 inputs and three USB ports, along with legacy inputs and a LAN port. The UF860 also includes built-in WiFi as well as LG's superb Smart TV features and Magic Remote.

    Specifically there is Smart+ powered by webOS, which includes all the major catch-up services and streaming content providers, as well a connectivity and content sharing features. Finally LG also include a Game Mode that significantly reduces the input lag for gamers, a dual play feature and passive Cinema 3D.

    The Rundown

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