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Leon: The Professional: Deluxe Edition DVD Review

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by AVForums Mar 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Leon: The Professional: Deluxe Edition DVD Review
    SRP: £24.96


    Image quality is, on the whole, reasonably good - the anamorphically enhanced 2.35:1 transfer's detail levels, whilst not the highest, are adequate and the movie has a smooth, filmic look... if a touch soft. I did notice a little print damage here and there, and the colour palette seems a little off to me - things often take on a bit of a dingy, yellowed appearance. There's also a little too much edge enhancement and video noise on show, but overall this “Deluxe Superbit” holds up pretty well to being blown up to projector screen sizes... until one undertakes a quick comparison with the older, Theatrical Version & Director's Region 3 “bullet hole” cover release. The yellow dinginess disappears, and the region 3 version appears slightly sharper, with better definition.

    Perhaps this Deluxe Superbit has been mastered in high def... but I still prefer the region 3 DVD's image?!
    Leon: The Professional: Deluxe Edition Picture


    I've read about the original Superbit release's “bass-light” nature, but as the movie started audio seemed okay to me. The musical score certainly seemed to go deep enough, but as soon as the bullets started to fly I did feel things sounded a little weak. A quick comparison with the aforementioned region 3 Spectrum DVD release made it apparent that bass is indeed still a little lightweight - this Deluxe Superbit still seems a little lacking, dts track and all. However, if I hadn't compared the different releases I think I would be quite content with what's on offer here, but as I own the bullet hole edition I wouldn't be persuaded to part with it.
    Leon: The Professional: Deluxe Edition Sound


    Choose Fact Track from the menu and you'll be fairly bombarded with facts and trivia related to the movie - when the subway was first opened; the hotel that was used in the filming of Leon's apartment block, that kind of thing. That's your lot from disc one - all further supplemental features are to be found on disc 2.

    Despite the promise of a “long distance reunion” the 10 Year Retrospective is merely a montage of individual interviews with cast and crew. Definitely worth a watch - especially the Gary Oldman deleted scenes - and I wished the feature lasted three times as long!

    With a couple of documentaries on Jean Reno and Natalie Portman, and a few other DVD previews, I can't help that feel this Deluxe Superbit release is far from Deluxe.
    Leon: The Professional: Deluxe Edition Extras


    With standard image and audio quality, and lacklustre supplemental features, I just cannot bring myself to recommend this new Superbit release - I do love the movie, though!

    A missed opportunity.

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