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by AVForums Sep 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Laws Of Attraction DVD Review
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    Keeping with New Line Cinema's high standard of picture quality, Laws of Attraction boasts a rich, detailed image free from transfer artefacts, scratches and no obvious grain from the slight use of edge enhancement. Some scenes do appear a little soft however, presumably a side effect of cramming two complete versions (4:3 & Cinemascope) onto the one disc.
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    The Dolby Digital soundtrack is delightfully chirpy and supports the movie very well. Scene changes are often met with a short effect panning across the soundstage such as a bus coming in from the rear and then down the screen or an airplane quickly launching a left-right pan effect. There is little opportunity to really go to town on the audio side of things in a romantic comedy so the makers have stuck to good clear vocals and soundstaging with a quality soundtrack.
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    DVD-Rom contains it's own browser software and a couple of links to studio websites. There is also:

    Image Gallery - shots from throughout the movie shown in chronological order. Light-hearted Irish folk music plays in the background as images are either navigated or put into slide show mode.

    Script to Screen - this feature entails playback of the entire movie in a window to the left of your PC screen as the actual script scrolls down a window on the right. The movie can still be navigated by chapter or manual search and the script can also be printed out by chapter or in its entirety!

    Disc Itself features outtakes/deleted scenes from the movie including an alternative ending
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    A refreshingly innocent movie following the usual rom-com path but not suffering the usual rom-com pitfalls. A light-hearted, intelligent piece of humour deserving of a place in your collection.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £27.95

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