Kylie 'Showgirl': The Greatest Hits Tour Review

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by Casimir Harlow Jan 1, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Kylie 'Showgirl': The Greatest Hits Tour Review
    Kylie is a singularity. I still remember growing up watching her in Neighbours, tehn following her success in the charts. The epitome of youth, pureness and innocence, it was not long before I grew up and grew out of her music. It was also not long before her cheesy Stock, Aitken and Waterman pop hits started drifting further and further from the Top 10 and she was forced to do what most pop stars have to do at some stage or another (and which Madonna has become a pro at) - re-invent herself. A dark stint with Nick Cave changed her tune somewhat, but her real revival came much more recently with the addictive Can't Get You Out of My Head. Unfortunately, her life shuddered into tragedy recently with a desperate fight against breast cancer, something which cut her recent Showgirl tour short. Here's hoping Kylie will still be spinning around for plenty of years to come.

    The Concert recorded and presented here for your visual and aural pleasure is one filmed live at London's Earls Court Arena on Friday 6th May 2005. Kicking off with Better the Devil You Know, Kylie looks anything but, dressed from head to toe in what is effectively a swimsuit with a lot of blue plumage (including a ridiculous headpiece). You know right from the beginning that you're in for quite a spectacle as Kylie purrs her way through some twenty-six of her greatest tracks. You are likely to have heard almost all of them before but perhaps not with all the glitz and glamour on show here, with Kylie changing costumes for every few songs, dressing in everything from a shiny metallic Madonna-style outfit to a black leotard, a virginal Cinderella dress to a turquoise trouser-suit. Backed up by both men and women, equally underdressed, she is never out-staged by the support, always the centre of attention.

    Highlights include a superb rendition of her lovable classic I Should be So Lucky, surrounded by heart-clad dancers, and a sparkling performance of my personal favourite, Can't Get You Out of My Head, but you really can't go wrong here if you like Kylie - it truly comprises her best hits, many of which have been restored now from their dated-looking original videos by Kylie's new visionary performances. Track listings are as follows:

    1. Better the Devil You Know 2. In Your Eyes 3. Giving You Up 4. On a Night Like This 5. Shocked 6. What Do I Have To Do? 7. Spinning Around 8. In Denial 9. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi 10. Confide In Me 11. Red Blooded Woman / Where the Wild Roses Grow 12. Slow 13. Please Stay 14. Over the Rainbow 15. Come into my World 16.Chocolate 17. I Believe in You 18. Dreams 19. Hand on your Heart 20. The Loco-motion 21. I Should be so Lucky 22. Your Disco Needs You 23. Put Yourself in My Place 24. Can't Get You Out Of My Head 25. Especially For You 26. Love at First Sight

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