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by AVForums Jul 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Review
    If you've been champing at the bit, wondering why Bill did what he did to The Bride, wedding party et al in Volume 1, well the wait is finally over - Kill Bill: Volume 2 is here and all will be revealed. Continuing with the story being told out of sequence and with the Tarantino-style characters being as humanly comic book-like as possible yet still retaining their dark sadistic streaks, Volume 2 is similar in style to Volume 1. Similar, but a little less gory and more dialogue based than its illustrious predecessor. For me this worked out as a real bonus - less is more as they say - and kept the story going with a freshness that I enjoyed. Yes Bleep is still after Bill, and yes she still wields a sword like the finely trained nameless assassin she is. But I found David Carradine's character mesmerising, and I had the feeling that Quentin Tarantino has achieved with this final part of the story exactly what he wanted to achieve - even the ending (of which I will say nothing) feels absolutely right.

    As with any sequel, or in Kill Bill's case should that be the second half of a movie, there is always the danger of an audience arriving with an over-expectation of what may come. It's in this area that I feel Mr. Tarantino has really excelled - for it would seem almost natural for a director with his background to have succumbed to an overly inflated ego, ending up delivering a less than fulfilling movie experience with Volume 2. Yes, it's still clichéd; and yes, it still draws heavily on movie styles of yesteryear. More importantly though... it still works!! I loved the scene during Chapter 8 where Bleep says, “When will I see you again?” to which Bill replies, “That's the title of my favourite soul song of the seventies.” “What?” says Bleep, missing his meaning. To me, Bill's almost throw away line held a little clue, and I suspected that some '70s style Kung Fu was in order...Tarantino's playing a little game with us! There's another example of this just before the end of Chapter 8 that had me grinning from ear to ear - it's a lighthearted moment that simply has Uma Thurman walking across a deserted road and into a diner, where she asks for a glass of water. As I watched, I felt sure that Tarantino was giving us a sort of respite come sucker punch, and suspected that Chapter 9 would hold something particularly violent...

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