Kill Bill: Vol. 1 DVD Review

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by Phil Hinton Apr 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1 DVD Review


    Picture quality on this R3 disc is almost identical to the R1 release and the Standard Japanese edition, the R3 has the main fight in Black and White the same as the UK R2 and US R1 editions.

    The 2.35:1 anamorphic image is crisp, clean and highly detailed. The various film techniques used ranging from Japanese anime to dusty American desert landscapes are presented in all there glory. Colours are rich and well defined with blacks looking solid and stable and shadow detail is prominent. Flesh tones are natural and the copious amounts of blood, especially during the 88 gangs' demise, is a stream of solid reds with no signs of bleed (pun intended) or bloom present. Edge enhancement is kept to a minimum and overall this is a good presentation of the movie

    It is worth noting that English subtitles during the Japanese language parts of the film are NOT burnt into the screen so you will have to use the English subtitles. You can either watch the entire movie with the subtitles on or try and be quick doing it on the fly, not great but not as distracting as you may think.
    Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Picture


    You watch Kill Bill one way and that is loud. The soundtrack is great fun and adds to the comic book sensibilities of the movie to bring the action alive. Matt reviewed the R1 edition a few weeks back (click the compare button to read it) and he summed it up brilliantly. The dynamics are full on, LFE is deep and dialogue crystal clear. This is reference quality audio in either DTS or DD flavours with very little to distinguish the two apart. The DTS in my opinion was a little tighter and wider, but there's not much in it. Swapping between this R3 disc and the R1 & R2 Japanese is not very scientific and produced no surprises as they sound identical to me.
    Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Sound


    Extras are slightly different here with the menus in English language and the following features are present, a making of (as on the R1 Disc), Interviews with cast and crew, Scene highlights, Music Video, Trailers and photo gallery.
    Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Extras


    There is not much to separate these different editions against this R3 disc, apart from the fact the R2 Japanese has the fight scene in full colour, where this R3 disc is the same as the R2 (UK) and R1 editions showing it in black and white. There is also the issue with subtitles. The choice as they say is yours.

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