Jurassic Park III Review

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by AVForums Feb 1, 2002 at 12:00 AM

    Jurassic Park III Review
    A wealthy couple (Macy and Leoni) hire Jurassic Park survivor Dr. Alan Grant (Neill) to be their tour guide while they fly over Isla Sorna. It soon becomes clear though, that the couple have more in mind than simply flying past the island and against Alan's wishes they land the plane. The couple's young son (Morgan) is believed lost on the island, and what they really want to do is find him and get out of there. Cue dino action...
    The biggest problem with Jurassic Park III isn't the lack of plot (although the way in which the film lumbers from set-piece to set-piece is a little mechanical), it's the fact that the filmmakers kill off all of the expendable characters within the first few minutes, which means that you know that nobody else will die, thereby killing any possible tension. But this particular franchise has never been about anything other than spectacle, and this outing delivers in spades, with the Spinosaurus vs. T.-Rex battle and the Pteranodon Aviary sequences standing out in particular. It might not be great cinema, but in a year which gave us some of the worst blockbusters ever, at least Jurassic Park III shows you the money.

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