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by AVForums Nov 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

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    The anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 image is very good which is to be expected considering it is a recently aired Channel 4 show. There were no technical issues with this image, with good detail, plenty of vibrant colour and a good level of contrast. I would normally praise such good picture quality and detail levels, but the sight of an anamorphically enhanced bare Vegas belly is not something I want to see again!
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    The Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack is perfectly adequate. This is a DVD of a live TV show so one can't expect thumping bass or fantastic surround sound. The sound is exactly as it was when broadcast, in other words perfectly adequate.
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    Feature Commentary. This has Vegas, thankfully back to his more normal, sedate self plus contributions from others involved in the making of this show providing a running commentary throughout the 78 min “best of”. This was more enjoyable for me than the original soundtrack, mainly because this is Vegas as I remembered him rather than the over the top lager lout that presents the show.

    Celebrity Lock In (35m35s). This sees a bunch of C list celebrities sitting round a table of a pub in a “lock in” with Vegas - getting drunker and mouthier. The blurb says this shows the bits that were “unbroadcastable” and I can see why - although I'm not sure if that's purely down to the language or just because it didn't make the grade - one for fans only in my opinion.

    There are also some outtakes (17m45s) which the blurb lists as “astonishing”. What a strange word to choose. Angry Baboon (5m47s) is a send up of Vegas's own “Monkey” adverts - this time replacing the knitted monkey with a foul mouthed Baboon and Vegas sitting on the toilet. Celebrity Poker (32m16s) follows Vegas behind the scenes at a “celebrity” poker game where he causes mayhem and generally throws a spanner in the works.
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    Johnny Vegas's brand of humour doesn't appeal to everyone and what he does do can wear pretty thin pretty quickly. He works well enough in his usual cameo role on other people's shows or awards ceremonies but here I think his talent is spread too thin. Obviously he was chosen for this show because of it's post pub broadcast slot, but now on DVD it doesn't have the benefit of beer goggles and left me feeling stone cold sober.
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