Jerry Maguire: Superbit DVD Review

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by AVForums Mar 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Jerry Maguire: Superbit DVD Review
    SRP: £27.59


    Well this may be a Superbit title, but that does not necessarily equate with perfection, and here the 1.85:1 Anamorphically enhanced image shows a few signs of print damage with some nicks and scratches visible. At times things looks remarkably good, with bright and vivid colours accompanying a nicely detailed image, but there are also times when things aren't quite so fine - with video noise being the biggest bug bear, especially in darker scenes.

    I did a quick comparison with the Region 1 single disc edition and this Superbit suddenly comes into its own , looking brighter with much more detail - but still not quite up to quality of more recent releases. Thankfully, I noticed no signs of edge enhancement. Even so, it's still close, but no cigar.
    Jerry Maguire: Superbit Picture


    And it's a similar story as far as audio is concerned. The Region 1 single disc has a Dolby Digital track only - and that is laid down at 384Kbps. This Superbit edition has upped the ante just a tad as far as Dolby Digital is concerned by adding a 448Kbps track as well as including a default DTS 768Kbps version, as is the Superbit norm. There's not a great deal of action-type sequences to compare, but there are obvious differences between the rival formats and contrary to what seems to have become the norm it is the Dolby track that not only sounds louder, but also goes deeper as far as bass is concerned. It also has a more forceful, if slightly edgy quality to centre channel vocals and effects. By contrast switch to DTS and the same edgy vocals are still there, but toned down a touch; there is also a more separated and fuller sound to the DTS track.

    You pays your money and takes your choice - but neither format really sets the A/V world alight - this is average and competent stuff, no more.
    Jerry Maguire: Superbit Sound


    Not on this Superbit!
    Jerry Maguire: Superbit Extras


    With some fine performances Jerry Maguire is one of those movies I could watch time and time again... and there's no better way of watching it at the moment than with this Japanese Superbit edition. Is it worth the price premium? That depends on how much you like the movie - and whether you're an extras fan... there is a two-disc version to be had, after all.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £27.59

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