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by AVForums Sep 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Its All About Love DVD Review
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    The movie begins with a large jet plane flying over mountains and the cinematography in this opening scene is fantastic. The image has so much 'snap' to it and clarity that you instantly feel part of the action onscreen. I noticed immediately the lack of grain and the very detailed, yet natural looking picture.

    Moving further into the film, a major part of the story occurs inside a rather dark hotel and this dark, shadowy environment could cause problems if the image was not up to scratch. Fortunately it looks great. Blacks are superb and very deep. Shadow detail is handled with aplomb and skin tones look incredibly lifelike (although Danes does look very anaemic but this is intentional)

    Edge enhancement is thankfully low and the Anamorphic 2.35:1 transfer gives the picture a real cinematic feel. As seems to be the case often recently, when the movie itself is lacking, they tend to lavish extra attention on improving the image and this is definitely the case here. Without an abundance of special effects on offer, the image has a natural, neutral balance without any strong colours making themselves known. A good overall image without having the dynamic impact of some bigger releases although this is definitely an observation rather than a criticism.
    Its All About Love Picture


    Subtle is the word for the sound on this release. Being mostly speech driven, there are not many occasions for dramatic surround moments although one standout scene is the first ice skating exhibition which does sound great with the large audience within the auditorium filling your room from every speaker. Other than this, the sound is acceptable without being exceptional. Speech is thankfully very good and is carried with clarity and weight although I did notice a few incidences where the volume would drop noticeably to the point where I needed to increase it manually, only to have to decrease it as it rose again. This only happened twice but was intrusive enough to merit mention.

    Bass isn't called upon very much and thus the LFE channel is seldom used. The musical score is not too dramatic and for the most part is quite sublime. Nothing too special here in regards to the sound, but is quite sufficient for the movie.
    Its All About Love Sound


    With the exception of a few trailers including The Interpreter (Nicole Kidman) and Unleashed (Jet Li) there are no extras on this disc so unfortunately my review of them ends right here!
    Its All About Love Extras


    It's All About Love is actually very little about love and cannot be considered a 'romantic' movie. The story is incredibly convoluted and complicated and contains scenes which have no meaning to the main plot whatsoever. The pace is slow and painful and unless you are either a real fan of the stars or of this kind of abstract movie, then I really cannot recommend this film at all
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £18.59

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