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by AVForums Feb 18, 2007 at 12:00 AM

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    Into The Blue Blu-ray Review
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    For a Blu-ray image, I was left unimpressed. There are a few moments, mostly underwater, where it looks very nice indeed, but everything above land looked only slightly better than upscaled DVD. There was far too much grain in the land shots compared to the underwater scenes which really took the edge off the picture. Even worse, I spotted something really bad - artefacts. They were small and infrequent, but they were there, which can show that MPEG2 encoding isn't as good as certain people suggest it is. Detail levels were pretty good - you could see the hairs easily on Scott Caan's beard, but with the above caveats, it really isn't anything better than average.

    Into The Blue Picture


    Even with an uncompressed PCM soundtrack, I found this particularly unexciting. Dialogue is fine, with every word heard clearly, unfortunately including those uttered by Mr. Walker. Surrounds were utilised, but not to their full extent, giving an ambience, but never really helping you to be pulled into the soundtrack and movie. LFE was particularly subdued, especially during the early part of the movie. In short, this really wasn't any better over the standard Dolby track on the disc, or indeed on the SD release in my opinion.

    Into The Blue Sound


    Well, we have the director's commentary track, 10 deleted scenes with optional commentary and a making of featurette. I would point out that's a pretty poor showing, but realistically it's identical to the SD release and to be honest, as unexciting too. Sorry, but again the only reason to watch the featurette is to see more of Alba and Scott - but then seeing Alba was also the only reason to endure the movie “Honey”.

    Into The Blue Extras


    Personally, I found this movie pretty dull. I found the main storyline dull and trite, the acting was uninspiring and the movie experience from an AV perspective was pretty average too. To reiterate, the only reason to view is for female flesh and to assist you, I've added suitable images, so you don't even have to do that now.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £17.95

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