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by AVForums Nov 2, 2006 at 12:00 AM

    Wow - it feels like only a few days ago I reviewed Tom Baker's Sci-Fi quiz and blow me, another one! Well, this is a bit more general, being that it's about all manner of cinema, so is it more of the same or is it different?

    Well, it's different. We have a one player game where 10 questions are asked and you answer them. Obviously the better your score, the better your movie knowledge. However the multiplayer game is vastly different to the Sci-Fi quiz. We have 16 screens, each with 25 questions and each team will write the answers down and find out at the end how well they've done in the end, with the team scoring the most points having complete bragging rights. Of course, there's a built in limitation with only 16 screens, but hey, at Christmas, that's a fair few games at least. Besides, let's be honest, who can stomach spending all day playing games at Chrimbo eh?

    So, is it any good? Actually, yeah, it's not so bad. In 3 single, one player games, I only had one repeat question and the questions themselves are pretty varied, although there was a surprising number that involved The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - maybe I was just lucky, eh? It's not that dissimilar though to the Sci-Fi quiz though. Ultimately, there's a finite number of questions and you will eventually exhaust them, but if you're remotely into movies, and reading this site I think it's safe to assume you are, then you can show off your knowledge to all would-be challengers to your throne of movie know-it-all. Besides, it's better than having to play Monopoly!

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