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by Stephen Carter Sep 26, 2014 at 7:21 PM

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    inFamous: First Light PS4 Review
    SRP: £14.99
    The problem with additional content that bills itself as a prequel, set before an already established sequence of events, is providing an experience that feels new without changing previous mechanics. As far as add-on content goes, First Light is an enjoyable if not overly familiar experience. Mechanically, 90% of what First Light has to offer has been seen before in Second Son, but the story it tells is probably one that is more interesting.

    What's First Light's story?

    Set prior to the events of Second Son, Abigail Walker, AKA Fetch, is trying to make a living in Seattle; that is, until her brother is captured by a gang running the city. It’s not long before the knowledge of her powers, and that of others, spreads and the DUP start to take over the city.

    From there on in, she struggles to find her brother, whilst avoiding the DUP and gangs alike. Interestingly, the story is told as flashbacks, whilst Fetch is being detained by Augustine, before reverting to the present day prior to the grand finale.

    Fetch's power

    inFamous First Light Fetch
    Despite having a more interesting and compelling story than Second Son, the problem with playing as Fetch is that you’re only granted the usage of one power. In all honesty, it’s a power that you have already used and become familiar with too, as there are too few additions which will make you feel like this is a new experience.

    There are too few additions which will make you feel like this is a new experience.

    The neon powers do have a couple of new usages and upgrades, albeit small, such as speed gates to zip through, making travel from A to B quicker and easier. There are also some new combat upgrades, such as homing missiles and crunching melee finishers, which make the combat a shade more entertaining than before.

    The problem with prequels

    inFamous First Light The problem with prequels
    The mission variety and quantity doesn’t really go to any great lengths to play to these strengths, as they are very repetitive and short, with too many of them boiling down to sniper-like shooting alleys. There’s no sense of scale or battle like there is in Second Son, where you could find yourself taking down droves of DUP, which in part is due to the pre-Second Son setting. There aren’t really any new enemies, as there can’t be, otherwise their absence in the main game would be questionable.

    The city is also exactly the same too, with only access to one area of the entire map in Second Son.

    The city is also exactly the same too, with only access to one area of the entire map in Second Son. There are some collectibles to hoover up between the story missions, but because the map is small there aren’t anywhere near enough to keep you going for any great length of time. The lack of a karmic system, thanks to Fetch’s already determined personality also cuts the reason for replaying First Light.

    The flashback style of the story allows First Light to use a challenge arena for you to hone your skills and also collect upgrade points in order to upgrade your powers. These challenge arenas pit you against waves of enemies, throwing down the gauntlet for you to survive for as long as possible and achieve a high score to jump to the top of the leaderboards.


    OUT OF

    First Light

    • Fetch's story is an interesting one
    • Still looks great
    • Still plays great
    • Main game not required to play

    Last Breath

    • Doesn't feel new
    • Same powers as before with too few tweaks
    • Boring missions and structure
    • Little replay value
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    inFamous: First Light PS4 Review

    There's not much to say about inFamous: First Light other than it's a good bit of DLC, if not repetitive and lacking in creativity, making it stand apart from the main game. More of the same isn't a bad thing however, given the solidity of Second Son, but the story of Fetch isn't enough to make this feel new, despite it being stronger than that of Delsin's.

    As a standalone package, this does allow people to experience the inFamous gameplay before picking up the main game, if they haven't done so as yet, which is probably the best way to play the two releases. It's just a shame that most people will have already played Second Son by now, and £14.99 for this content is probably a tad too high.

    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £14.99

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