Independence Day Review

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by Phil Hinton Jun 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Independence Day Review
    You just can't beat big dumb American action movies with great special effects and a rousing soundtrack to go with it. The UK R2 disc was released in secrecy last month and now the Japanese have released their Ultimate Edition.ID4 is one of those cheesy America saves the day types of action flicks, which happens to portray every other country as a typical stereotype against the yanks far superior intellect. Aliens are set to invade the earth and god darn it, they don't half pick a great weekend holiday to do the dirty deed, yes the 4th of July Independence day break. It must be the right time to strike as every country on earth will be celebrating too, won't they? Well at least the Americans will get caught out with their armed forces on leave. And so the great space ships descend to hover over the capital cities of the world. At first we are not sure what their intentions are, but it's not long before the weapons of mass destruction are used to flatten mankind. But wait, just as it looks like the Aliens have us licked a cocky air force pilot and a TV repair man armed with an apple computer might just save the world from total destruction. I knew Apple Macs were not of this world and incompatible with nearly every other computer standard on this planet, but low and behold the aliens all use Macs as well, well who would have thought?

    Ok so I jest a little, the movie is not that bad, the acting maybe cheesy, the script non existent and the plot well beyond believability, but ID4 is sheer popcorn fun, the type of movie to switch your brain off and watch stuff get blown up. This re-release is to coincide with the director's latest movie due in theatres on May 28th titled “The Day after Tomorrow” which sees the earth being destroyed not by aliens but by mother nature. The version of ID4 presented here is the Extended version with the slightly different ending and some 8 minutes of extra footage over the theatrical edition. There is no option for viewing the theatrical cut on this edition like the R2 release. This Japanese disc has the menus in English and Japanese text.

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