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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Hostage DVD Review
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    Presented in an Anamorphic Widescreen format with a ratio of 2.35:1, I found this to be a superb transfer. As most of it is set at night time, the blacks were deep, dark and detailed (for example the black shirts and masks) as well as having some vivid and bright colours (the fire, sirens and so forth). Flesh tones were also spot on; with plenty of detail (you could see the pores clearly on Pollack's face). No artefacts were present, which nowadays, should be a given and the transfer is basically grain free. As for the print used, it was clean and free of dust and scratches. I also couldn't see any noticeable edge enhancement, so overall this was a very decent transfer.
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    Soundtrack wise, this is quite good, with excellent clarity and crispness, especially the dialogue. Surrounds and indeed the whole sound stage is used to great effect, from the action sequences to the incidental music. LFE wasn't overly noticeable, but when engaged it was very well handled. However, it again suffered slightly from volume levels - I increased it by -3db from my normal level which isn't huge amounts, but enough for me to notice. Other than this minor complaint, this is a good soundtrack, but not quite in the reference level league.
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    When you first pop the disk in, you get 3 trailers (as normal it seems for Buena Vista). They are Sin City, Scary Movie 3.5 and Cursed and if you didn't already know, Sin City is amazing.

    As is becoming the norm, we have the obligatory commentary track, this one featuring the director, Florent Siri. The only featurette “Taking Hostage Behind the Scenes” is about 12 minutes long, which is again a very standard, semi-gushing EPK that you'd expect to see on Sky between movies. Next, we've got 6 deleted scenes which you can play individually or together, with or without commentary track. They last for a total of 5 minutes and although 2 add a little more development to the movie, they were obviously cut for running time, although 5 minutes wouldn't really have made much of a change. The 2 extended scenes are just slight extensions of two scenes from the movie and again are just cut for running time issues more than anything else and are approximately a minute each in length. As with the deleted scenes, they also have commentary from the director. Finally the sneak peeks allows you to watch the 3 aforementioned trailers, as well as trailers for Dracula 3, Hellraiser:Hellworld and The Prophecy.
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    A decent, albeit slightly unbelievable action movie, which restores Bruce Willis back as a major player in Hollywood after a few bad-ish movies as well as a hiatus. Action fans will certainly enjoy this, everyone else probably will, but may find it just a bit hard to swallow, although the subtext (which may just be me) is an interesting one. Well worth picking up.
    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £18.59

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