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by AVForums Jul 1, 2004 at 12:00 AM

    Honey Review
    Honey (Jessica Alba) is a no hope know nothing (and incredibly gorgeous) young woman from the wrong side of town. She spends her days working in a music store and her free time teaching hip-hop dance to the poor and needy kiddies in her mom and pop's “Community Centre For The Poor And Needy Kiddies”. At night she serves drinks in the local nightclub, until she gets off at 1am when she gets it on down on the dance floor. Then it's off to bed to dream of the day she will become a famous dancer/choreographer in hip-hop videos (Is there such a thing as a famous dancer/choreographer - I mean I do remember Arlene Phillips and Hot Gossip from the 80's but that was mainly due to Hot Gossip and not Arlene Phillips). As you can see Honey has a pretty busy time of things, and what with her mother casting disapproving scowls at her for wasting her time at hip-hop when ballet is where the big money is ????, it is no surprise she is always missing her casting sessions. But, ladies and gentlepeeps, this is Hollywood and soon star video director Michael Ellis (David Moscow) spots her on the dance floor and plucks her from obscurity making her dreams come true as she becomes dancer and choreographer to the stars. But wait, the “Community Centre For The Poor And Needy Kiddies” is about to be shut down by the nasty council. Oh horror! Where will the poor children learn to hip-hop? Surely without Honey they will all become drug-addled gangsters! Watch as Honey struggles with the consequences of fame. Stare dumbstruck as she takes on the might of the local drug lord with her dance. Cheer as she and the needy kiddies save the day. Yes indeed ladies and gentlepeeps, for that is the power of the hip-hop. A-men.

    Directed by Billie Woodruff, coincidentally a star video director of mainly hip-hop videos, Honey has two things going for it, one is the incredible dance scenes which are full of energy and spirit, and the second is Jessica Alba of Dark Angel fame, who has the look and the hips to almost make this fluffy nonsense watchable. I am sure director and star will claim the movie is a social commentary of the dangers of drugs and the struggle for survival in the projects (essentially American equivalent of low rent council estates), but in reality it is a rehash of 1983's Flashdance with Jessica Beals as the wannabe. To be fair this is pitched at a teen audience, the language of the street often going completely over my head. I have young daughters who loved it. But for a grown up audience the tissue thin plot and laughable premise failed to hold my interest. The dance and music were entertaining but not enough to recommend the disc.

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