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by AVForums Jan 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Yes, it's tool-time folks! And if the words “Tool Time” along with macho grunting, talk of “more power” and if the names Al and Wilson mean nothing to you...then the rest of this review will likely make no sense.

    Home Improvement - starring Tim Allen at the peak of his form - is an aging American sit-com of the finest pedigree, and here we have the first of 8 seasons, which ran from 1991 to 1999 and encompassed over 200 episodes.

    Tim “Tool Man” Taylor is a geeky gadget man, who spends his life hosting a DIY TV show - “Tool Time”, along with co-presenter Al (Richard Karn) - where amidst the wrenches, the power drills and the saws, something always goes wrong with funny consequences, because in reality....Tool Time Tim just isn't that good at DIY. That doesn't stop his love of gadgets and all things metal and electrical, however, as even in the home he runs amok with - amongst other things - making a ride-on lawnmower into a 150bhp death trap, and manages to break almost anything he can get his hands on.

    Of course, the home life is central to the series, and this is where wife Jill and their 3 sons come into the picture. Jill clearly runs the house and - much to the chagrin of Tim - almost always wins the battle of the banter. It's all good natured, it's all sharp, and factoring in “life mentor” neighbour Wilson (whose face is never completely visible, and who spends most of the time behind his garden fence), the laughs are never far away.

    Home Improvement is dated now, certainly in the looks department, but thankfully this is like a good wine; with age it just gets better. All 24 episodes here are quality entertainment, with many many laughs that simply make this great family entertainment. Tim Allen really is on top form, and even if some of the jokes are cheesy (well, a lot of them actually), it still hits the mark. Never seen an episode of Home Improvement? You're missing out...

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