Hisense H55NU8700 Ultra HD 4K HDR TV Preview

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Slim design and premium performance

by Steve Withers Jan 21, 2017 at 6:07 PM

  • What is the Hisense NU8700?

    Hisense has launched a new mid-range Ultra HD 4K LCD TV called the NU8700 that sits just below the recently announced NU9700. This slim UHD TV uses a flat LCD panel with edge LED backlighting with local dimming and comes in two screen sizes – the 55-inch H55NU8700 and the 65-inch H65NU8700. The NU8700 also includes High Dynamic Range (HDR) and can deliver over 1,000 nits of peak brightness, along with 85% of Rec. 2020 and will also be Ultra HD Premium certified by the UHD Alliance. The NU8700 uses an attractive new design with a central stand and includes Hisense's simple but effective Smart TV platform.


    Hisense H55NU8700 Design
    The 55NU8700 sports a slim design, thanks to its flat ultra HD 4K LCD panel and edge LED lighting. It also uses an attractive metallic finish and a central stand that looks very similar to Samsung's. At the rear there are HDMI inputs with covers over the connections for tidier cable management.


    As mentioned the NU8700 uses a flat Ultra HD 4K panel with edge LED backlighting and local dimming. It can deliver 1,000 nits of peak brightness and 85% of Rec. 2020, whilst also supporting HDR 10 and has been certified as Ultra HD Premium by the UHD Alliance. The NU8700 might also support HLG but Hisense were unable to confirm this at CES. There's a simple but effective Smart TV platform that includes Amazon HDR and Netflix HDR, along Freeview Play, as well as a dedicated game mode for both SDR and HDR gaming. However Hisense no longer support 3D, so don't expect to see that feature on the NU8700 or any of their other 2017 TVs.



    We saw the H55NU8700 in action at CES 2017 but a show floor is a terrible location to try and objectively judge a TV's performance. When we review the NU8700 we will fully measure both the peak brightness and the size of the colour gamut in controlled circumstances. Although the TV did look impressive at CES showing content specially chosen by Hisense, we will have to wait until our actual review of the 55NU8700, when we will properly measure the greyscale and colour accuracy with both standard and high dynamic range content, as well as the black levels, the backlight uniformity, the off-axis performance, the peak brightness, the contrast ratios, the motion handling and the video processing.


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    Hisense H55NU8700 Ultra HD 4K HDR TV Preview

    Last year Hisense impressed with a range of well-built and attractively designed TVs that delivered features and performance beyond their price point. The H55NU8700 certainly has potential with an impressive list of specifications and features, so we look forward to actually reviewing the TV to finding out if the latest Hisense is as good as their 2016 models. Although Hisense haven't announced pricing yet the NU8700 should be available in the UK in early August.

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