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by AVForums Jun 1, 2005 at 12:00 AM

    Hellraiser: Deader DVD Review
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    Presented in an anamorphic ratio of 1:85:1, Hellraiser: Deader's picture is at best, average. The drab monochromic colours of Romania are presented well and are clear especially in the daylight street scenes. However, at times throughout the film the picture appears murky and clearly displays its low budget origins. The film it appears has been shot quite dark for atmosphere and this does work. However it is either the fault of the original negative or the mastering of the film which seems to give it the murky and at times blotchy look.
    Hellraiser: Deader Picture


    Again, a bit of a missed opportunity. The film features some disturbing imagery and plenty of loud effects, but it all seemed to only present them in the left, right and centre channels. Occasionally, some effects would come from behind, but the rears and LFE were largely redundant. At times especially during some music, we get to experience a little bit of bass, but with people getting shredded to bits I wanted more. Saying that, it is a good clear soundtrack, it's a shame the mixing guys didn't use more of the rears to create a good atmosphere especially in the creepy moments.
    Hellraiser: Deader Sound


    Dimension has done well with the extras on Hellraiser: Deader. We have some extended/deleted scenes with optional commentary. As anyone knows, I am not a fan of deleted scenes except for different endings so for me these are usually pointless. The short 'making of' featurette is good and informative. Both director, Rick Bota and Kari Wuhrer are honest and entertaining interviewees. There are two commentaries, one from Bota and Doug Bradley in which they generally chat about the film and Bradley (a really engaging chap) talks about being Pinhead.. The second commentary is again Bota, but joined by make up effects guru, Gary Tunnicliffe.

    The gag reel at under a minute seems a waste of time until you see the immortal sight of Pinhead joking around. This is possibly the best image on the entire disc, priceless!! The visual effects featurette delves into the murky world of green screen and CGI, informative but very brief. The location scouting featurette is frankly excellent; we see footage from the film compared to camcorder footage from the director as he scouts locations. Very original and very interesting to prospective film makers. The practical effects featurette shows us how the Cenobite chains rip people up. There are also some storyboard comparisons and a photo gallery. Finally, at the start of the disc are some other Dimension trailers including Wes Craven's Cursed. Thankfully you can skip these and go straight to the menu. A nice selection of different extras, well done Dimension. Let's see more like it on part eight in September.
    Hellraiser: Deader Extras


    I was looking forward to seeing this film and although I have given it a low score, it is not a bad film - just not a great one. Bradley as Pinhead is always great value, but he is woefully under used. (He is in three scenes) Hopefully in the eighth (and final?) film, Hellworld we get to see more of the Pin headed one. Worth a rent for horror fans, but no one else I'm afraid.
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