He's Just Not That Into You Blu-ray Review

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by AVForums Jul 15, 2009 at 12:00 AM

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    He's Just Not That Into You Blu-ray Review
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    "He's just not that into you" is presented in 1080P /VC-1 MPEG-4 framed in a Widescreen 2.40:1 ratio.

    There's some good cinematography on offer and everything is framed and filmed very well indeed. The colour palette provides for an authentically tinted image and the skintones also appear to have a natural and realistic feel to them.

    Contrast and deep blacks are clearly evident and help to underscore the crisp onscreen image. Sharpness levels are good and there appears not to be any edge enhancement going on. Actually the image is free from digital noise or interference and it's quite an impressively clean canvas.

    The detail in the picture is good but there is some problem in the delineation department. Anything lurking in the shadows or the deepest of blacks appears to merge into one and the black detail is lost.

    Nevertheless, this is a competent transfer and it's been finalised onto disc in an equally appropriate manner.



    The blu-ray disc features a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 lossless sound track.

    Obviously given the limitations of the film it would be unreasonable to expect an earth shattering experience. Clearly you are not going to get this from a film like this but what you do get is quality.

    Dialogue is where it's at and it's crisp as well as being well blended into the sound mix. Voices never sound sharp or tinny, just smooth and natural.

    Most of the activity is front channel based and the centre speaker plays the key role. Still, there's some effortless panning across the soundstage when needed and surprisingly the rears do spark into life in the busy bar scenes. It all adds a healthy ambience to proceedings.

    LFE support as you can imagine runs rather thin but there is enough low level presence to add a weighty quality to it all.

    Granted that it's not a soundtrack that will set the world alight but there's also little to overly criticise it for otherwise.



    "He's just not into you" comes with an additional disc with a digital version of the film to be able to transfer to your PC or portable device. All the extras here are presented in High Definition but there is no Audio Commentary to supplement the film. Furthermore there is no cast and crew behind the scenes documentary style feature either which is another rather surprising omission.

    Baltimore Blade: The Relationship Issue -(19mins) - There are six extended and stylised scenes involving Beth & Neil, Gig, Alex, Anna, Mary, Connor, Janine and Ben. The whole thing is depicted as a real life look at the couple's relationships following on from the movie.

    Six words that make up a film - (11mins 4secs) - A short feature that takes a look at how a simple off the cuff remark came to become the title, a book and a film. Ken Kwapis and members of the cast and crew talk abut their personal experiences as well as those in the project.

    The Director stages a scene - Duet for Telephones - (4min 2secs) - Ken Kwapis dissects a scenes where Gigi and Alex communicate on the telephone in how he went about editing and shooting it with a view to highlight the chemistry that was forming between the two.

    Deleted Scenes - (13mins 45ecs) - There are five deleted scenes to flick through and there is also a commentary by Ken Kwapis should you want to listen to his comments over each of these.



    "He's just not that into you" is a well meaning rom-com but the concept and delivery is flawed. It's been directed thoughtfully enough but it's not quite worked as intended and surprisingly the end result misses the mark by some fair margin.

    The blu-ray disc on the other hand does have some redeeming features about it. Both video and audio aspects are of good quality and on the technical front you will have little complaints. The extras however are disappointingly light and the omission of a simple audio commentary is very poor by today's standards.

    With a storyline that's not particularly strong anyway the whole thing is then further muddied by a focus upon far too many characters. The roster of actors and actresses were certainly challenged to earn their corn here and it would be unfair to say that there aren't some good performances. Unfortunately though beneath what turns out to be a very thin exterior it's simply not that great a film for anyone to work with.

    There's no shortage of a star-studded cast to help boost the ratings and the line up is an ensemble of household names. Looking in from the outside this film really should have had quite a bit going for it. Whilst it did have some draw at the box office, beyond that I would have to say that there's little standout substance in this movie to make it a must watch at home.

    As a comedy it falls rather short and as a romantic movie it touches on far too many awkward issues to leave you feeling uncomfortable. It'll probably leave your other half pondering 'why on earth did they want to watch this movie with me?'


    Suggested retail price when reviewed: £22.31

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